Not so easy to keep track on the days after Helle left! I’m seriously behind on my blogging!

But I’ll give it a go! Me and Jill went to Belgium for her examination. She’s sick and that’s why we don’t ride her!

I also brought with me Picsou so he could do a CT scan! Went to visit Alf’i that has been swimming, and that’s that! I spend two nights in Belgium because I know Jill gets very tired from driving, and I wanted her to have a safe and enjoyable trip!

I had a very nice room at the Radisson blue, and I must compliment them on the bed, specially the rug! It was PERFECTION! So light and yet so warm! Must be down or something! Really enjoyed it!

After that I have been riding Teddy, Ice Tea and Duc! They have all been good and the weather is very good and warm here! 20-22 degrees and big sun everyday!

Doing the normal like walking and brushing Quin, and Jill.

Me and ❤️Francois have been shopping in Geneva, since the collections for winter already are out it’s to late to buy them just before Christmas because then all the IT items are long sold out. So Christmas shopping has started.

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