Jumping with Teddy

Had build a little course also with some gymnastics for me to train with Teddy!

A girl came to try Ice Tea so it was a good course for her to try him over also! I had put in the water and some spooky things here and there!

Of course Ice Tea jumps anything, so it was no problem!

Started with Teddy!

He jumped GREAT! Haha, still I wish I had done this one, ONE MORE TIME! Because he did it PERFECT! And then we put it up 2 holes and then he jumped great with the back and the neck but did not really lift the shoulders! And I know he would have done it perfect if I did it again! He was 100% clear, did not touch a pole, so I’m very very happy! The right canter is coming along better and better now every day!

The time came and Ice Tea’s customer arrived! The girl was very sweet and got along perfect with him! Both in the stables and the riding! So I was happy!

Ice Tea is the perfect confidence giver! He will do anything for his rider and he LOVES jumping! And is a very brave horse!

Afterwards I did some dressage on Duc! Did not feel it was necessary to jump him this week! I still would like that he muscles up and gets in even better shape for next season so we have more stamina to be clear again in 145! So i will pray to God that he stays healthy and work on the strength and condition in the winter!

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