Been two nights in Czechia for some arrands for pro horse and took the time to check out some horses while I was there!

I had booked a 5* that was rather reasonable priced, did not really think about the name when I booked it! The pictures on booking.com looked good and the rooms were big!

Kosher King David hotel. So a all Jewish hotel with only kosher food, omg, and me, me that are so against that way of animal slaughter. The hotel was beautiful, and the people were very very nice! They invited me to prayer time in their own Synagogue that they had down stairs!

Of course I did not eat the meet at the hotel, but I had a good time there! They did how ever have a lot of rules, like no women and men together in the spa. So it was a time schedule for when women could be there and when men could be there.

Anyway, looked at a few horses just to check out what they have for standard in this country. For sure it exists a lot of medium to untalented horses for small money. And the horses they said to me has scoop for bigger classes and was priced accordingly did not meet the standard that we have here.

But if you want to buy a horse for 135 or under, you can really find a perfect horse and friend here for a good/cheep price! And then I mean a very good price, so it can be worth to take the trip if you ride on this level and want to buy a cheep horse!

And if you take a young one you can hit the jackpot! One of my BFF bought a lot of horses in czech republic and she got 3 REALLY GOOD ONES! And some not that talented also.. but that can happen anywhere I guess. Or the ones she bought that got good, were young and very wild when she got them, but they turned out to be TOP with her training!

What I have to say was REALLY GOOD was the girl who drove with me! She did not show me any prepared horses, and she was 100% honest about good and bad things about the horses! I really recommend her!

This gelding was really a gentle man, with a perfect style, placed 145 national in Czech, but the international results was not so good!. And the price was not cheep. the result with a very good Czech rider. Also I think that their 145 national is like a 135/140 international for us. Looks like it on the video, but I have never been to a show in Czech so I can’t tell for sure! And you can also be tricked by the video!

I seriously loved the horse, but everyone should be careful to think that they can do better than the rider before!

I really don’t think I can ride this horse better than that very good man who rode him now in international shows, so it was a “no go” for me!

Then it was very normal horses priced way over their capacity for 80-100 000 euro.

Over all I have to say I was very well greeted and taken care of by the Czech people! They seemed nice and honest how they answered my questions!

I would also like to add this! That any person who has a horse has the right to put what ever price the horse is worth to them! Even if I say it’s way to much for that horse, what the horse is worth to the owner is what counts. And we should never be disrespectful about that!

Perhaps that horse we said was way to expensive and we did not buy turns out to be a SUPER STAR!

Also if a person wants to sell it’s possible to discuss the price or meet half way, but still they have every right to put a very high price on a horse you and me might think is just normal! Horses are dreams, and everyone has the right to have the chance to make their dream come true!

I want to say one more time THANK YOU TO ALENA that did not show me one prepared horse! No horses was scared and all of them had a normal reaction when they hit a pole! So thank you Alena!

6 thoughts on “Travels”

    1. Many people do cruel things to sales horses to make them jump
      better when customers come to try! So when you get the horse home
      It’s not at all the “same” horse that you tried


  1. Hello Eva, from who you were trying these horses?😊 and and how did you get to this idea? 😋 thanks for your answer🤩


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