Get your ⛄️Christmas🎁 list to 🎅🏻Santa in order

I would like to offer my personal recommendations to put under the 🎄Christmas-tree this year!

Since you read my blog you are probably a horse girl or have someone you know that likes horses!

First I would like to draw the attention to this! A GENIUS THING! For the FIRST TIME EVER, YOU CAN DESIGN YOUR OWN BOOTS!!!

ON THE VEREDUS SITE simply by clicking here


You can make it your own! Even with your name on!!!!

To get a present like that for Christmas must be a dream for every horse loving person!

Next suggestion from my side is this:

It is winter and it’s colder! Why not give your 4 legged friend some amazing flat work boots?

These once are called TRC VENTO SAVE THE SHEEP, check out the ventilation holes! It allowed air to flow easier, and I would recommend it for older horses or horses with tendon injuries

But I also LOVE this model! It’s called TRS, so fluffy and will keep your horse warm and safe! Perfect also for horses with arthritis that is stiff and sore specially on colder days! Excitably they are perfect for any horse!

And for jumping! These Carbon Gel VENTO Save the sheep does the whole thing! The save the sheep has climate control so it will keep your horse in perfect temperature and the VENTO holes allows the air to flow! Can be used on all horses and protects to perfection with jumping!

I never ride at home without the safety bell boots! And I love this model when save the sheep! I think it protects super and gives the horse a pretty finish! I love them so much that at the shows I warm up with them and take them off just before I go in the ring! So the horse knows a little bit more where the poles are

Personal favorite of mine are the VEREDUS saddle pads and fly bonnets! They come in a lot of different colors! I love them because they have a perfect fit, and they breath well! Also the design is so pretty

You can find all items here at the VEREDUS web shop


Since I am so lucky to have most of the items on the Christmas list, here are some I will ask Santa for!


Sometimes my jumpers get sore in the navicular bone, the bone in the hoof, and what would be better to let them warm up in the box with the magnetic hoof and cool down with it also!

Many jumpers have pain in the navicular bone, and to put ice on the hoof does unfortunately not work so good, so this is a great alternative!

If you did not know it this is the effect of Magnetic products:

  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Stimulates the flow of blood
  • Speeds up the elimination of toxins
  • Speeds up the regenerative processes
  • Prepares muscles and tendons to the effort
  • As you know Picsou has suffered tendon injuries and for him to use the magnetic boots would be so good!
  • Duc jumps in a very classic way, and uses his back 100% correct, this can sometimes give him sore muscles because he stretches himself and put in so much effort! So he has had back problems off and on all his life and would really benefit to warm up with the magnetic rug!
  • Also Alf’i has a back we have to be careful with! He has a saddle made for only him and surly would be a lot more happier before and after training if he had a magnetic rug! He is a bit of a tense and spooky horse, and that can cause muscle tension! He also jumps in a very correct way. So it’s important for him to be warm in the best possible way for his muscles before he starts to jump! And if it’s a windy day it might be difficult for the rider to get him to relax and stretch down and forward with his back and neck in the warm up! So for him to get a couple of hours with the magnetic rug would already give us a very good start
  • 2 thoughts on “Get your ⛄️Christmas🎁 list to 🎅🏻Santa in order”

    1. Thank you! 😍 I’m already using Veredus boots for my horse (they are the best!), and now i’m considering buying the magnetic rug. My horse is very sensitive and often tensed from back, and some days its soooo hard to make her relaxed and soft to ride on cold and windy days, she is also pretty fresh and exited often so it doesnt help 😂So i think that Veredus rug would be a good add 😊👌 Thank you for recommendation!


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