Had a couple of errands to do in Lausanne and also had to pick up something at Louis Vuitton so that’s how my day started!

My outfit that I went to town with is this: JEM ONE SEEM navy/blue, Chanel sneakers, Louis Vuitton jacket, Armani long sleeve t-shirt. you can buy the best riding breeches in the world here! Remember we have free shipping! PRO HORSE INTERNATIONAL

The weather is still ON TOP! I just want to add that I’m not embarrassed at all to go to town and shops in my ridingbreeches! I really think they are cool and even with the orange sneakers, haha it gives it a really fresh look! I was excited to see if people would look at me funny with the pants, but no one did! One women said to me in French that my outfit was cool! What a nice thing to do! Kind words of compliment from a stranger can really brighten your day! It inspired me to do the same and I complimented the girl on Starbucks on her hair

Next up was my cardio mountain! Was very tired and heavy in my body the last part! But I did it! It can have something with that I have been eating food that’s not good for me, and that makes me tired! I will try to watch my diet more because I love to have a lot of energy and exercise a lot

Then stables time! First out today was Ice Tea! Haha! I came i the afternoon cause it’s riding school some days the whole morning and I wanted to have some space to work in the big pad. If you have to ride with the riding school your are watching where the students are half the time and the quality of the riding and working the horse is not so good! I was not the only one who had this plan, so when I arrived with Ice Tea some one was loos galloping their horse in the big paddock. Luckily we did not have to wait so long for them to finish

We did schooling over low jumps and poles on the ground! Worked on changing the rhythm between 5-6 and 7 strides between the small jumps! Today he was perfect! Totally relaxed and good all the time!

Next one was interval training with Duc! We went out, it was light when we were riding, but on the way home it got dark so fast! Luckily we pulled in on the stables area before it was this dark. Had to walk him quite long around the stables to get his pulse down before i could tack him off, shower and put ice on him

Teddy had indoor riding today! Wanted to take advantage of the mirrors to check that when I feel that I’m riding him straight, that he actually is straight! This is what he wants to do, specially on the right hand. So when I ride on the right hand (ride around on the right) he does it more obvious

So I have to bend his next to the right, and keep him straight on the left rein, because next to the right means also that he will try to get hit left shoulder free and drift to the left. Then I have to position the body on the track of the right hind leg that is inside the track. And by doing that you have a straight horse that is working correctly! You should always correct the front on the hind leg. You might thing it would be easier for me just to put my right for little behind and push back the right hind leg, but if you did that in canter it would actually be the signal for him to change his canter from right to left. So= move the front on the hind legs track and get a straight horse!

Took care of Picsou, Jill, Alf and Quin before I headed home!

It had been riding school all morning so since I came in the afternoon and did the horses to the evening it was very quiet in the stables, and no waiting for the grooming and washing place. So I could do it very efficient!

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