Started organizing and putting summer rugs for cleaning this morning in the stables!

Then tried to put up some jumps, or I made a course, but the wind was so strong today so half of the jumps blow down!

Also walked Alf’i, Picsou, Quin and Jill

When I started to ride Duc was first! I rode dressage and then jumped a “long” course on a couple of small jumps that staid up. Basically the same jumps many times to train the condition! He wants to go in “roll kur” when he starts to get tired, so I had to lift him up and get the nose out! Duc and Picsou next one was Ice Tea! Only dressage today! ❤️Francois came to help me with him and it went good!! Look how handsome ❤️Francois is😍

I did not take the bridle off today after riding, since it was so much wind I didn’t want to risk Ice Tea getting scared and running away when something came blowing in the wind!

Took a long time to brush and clean Picsou! He loved it! I have him one of my beautiful Aequipment head colors

Last one to ride was Teddy! He jumped the little gymnastic I had put up! Haha, that did not blow down! He was so super today!!!

Bridle also on him today for the carrots! Because of the wind!

Respect to Andrej! Wow! How he can “drive” this big wheel borrow with so much hay

Duc and Alf’i having a no rug moment ! 24 degrees hot today

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