Haha! Thursday and Friday I dressed up as the Christmas tree to get some extra attention for Pro Horse!

Since I don’t have a groom for the moment a very nice girl called Caro from the stables helped me with filming!

We started the day with going to the gym! Haha! The people at the gym was like Sapin de Noelle

Then we went to the stables! Even thought I was the Christmas tree and we had a lot of fun the normal stables work had to be done! Like grooming the horses, waking and having them on the treadmill ! The horses was a bit skeptical to the Christmas tree costume, but I had brought some carrots so they quickly came to be friends with the Christmas tree

I rode with the Christmas tree costume! Haha! I was a bit worried that Duc would throw me off, because he has a thing, he is almost 100% calm but in some situations he gets nervous! Like the treadmill, he can’t stand it, and he did not like the unicorn riding on him because of the tail!

But he did accept the Christmas tree! And he jumped great with itloads of apples and carrots after! Really LOVE this picture of me/Christmas tree and him! He is so happy!

Teddy also got to do some jumps with the tree! I was not so worried about him, because he was so interested in the tree! And I rode him very hard yesterday so I knew he was a little tired! I had build a gymnastic on the right because he need to be stronger in the right side! He jumped good!

Normal putting ice on the horses and taking care of them, before we went to the post to send the first Black Friday sale packet

We also went to Lausanne! Was in need of some Starbucks but I also wanted to buy a Alf t-shirt! Lausanne wa really dressed up for Christmas and many people thought I was suppose to be there for some early Christmas spirit we got some Starbucks! Sooo good after that we went back to the stables and finished up the horses!

If you want to buy Pro Horse international ridingbreeches on Black Friday sale here’s the link!


If you are in doubt what size you need check this link PRO HORSE JEM SIZE GUIDE

And yes! I also got to do some Black Friday shop at the private sales myself! Private sales are for good customers from different shops, then your sales assistant takes care of you and give you discount even though it’s no signs of sale in the shop!

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