Day in Luzern

Had a long sleep in the very good hotel bed with ❤️Francois before we went for breakfast

Went back to the room and had a little nap before we went to the spa! beautiful horses decorating the hallway at the hotel

Got dressed and went to explore the town! I’m wearing my fav dress from Alaïa, Burberry cashmir coat and Burberry scarf!❤️Francois wears one of his Zilli jackets, and a new Lacoste hoodie he got for his birthday!little bit rainy in Luzern! But we got to visit the town in daylight and see all the beautiful buildings and nature check out the red soles! Was a two year waiting list to get custom made Christian Lounoutin shoes and took another year with a lot of fittings in Paris to make them perfect! Love them and so comfy to walk in since they are made perfect for my foot!

We had lunch and headed home!

I got some samples from Pro Horse new collection, checked it out and then went a quicky to the stables to take care of the horses and ride a little

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