The love for the horse

Do you remember when you first saw the horses?

I do! It was love at first sight! I even got happy if I saw horse poop on the street! Horses on tv, horses in the field, people riding on horses!

I am a true animal lover! And I was happy to see all animal and birds also

Happiness was to be allowed to brush a horse! To give them a snack! Even to help mucking out and make the stall for a HORSE nice! It was so much fun!

And to be allowed to ride a horse! Or just sit on him a couple of rounds in walk on the ring riding, where your parents pay for a round was heaven! OH HOW I LOVED IT! And I’m so grateful that my parents let me do it! And that they paid that 10 Norwegian kroner to let me ride a couple of rounds on a horse!

And now, to many of us have forgotten all about that. Stressing trough the day with the horses, not enjoying to brush them, but doing it quick so you or your rider can ride them.

At the moment I don’t have a groom, and I have to say I really enjoy the time I spend with taking care of the horses every day!

I enjoy using a long time to brush them! And appreciate how blessed I am having 7 HORSES that I can brush and take care of as much as I want! 7 INCREDIBLE horses that are there for me everyday! 7 horses that are waiting for me, that are happy to see me, that want me to spend time with them! WOW! This was my dream for as long as I can remember!

Even if some of them are injured, they are there for me, and I can be there for them! When I was little and my pony Jolly Jumper was lame one year, I did not put him aside or assumed other interest! I still had the same fun coming to the stables, handwalking him! Brushing him, mucking out his box, preparing his food! Cleaning the tack just for fun!

And now just because Picsou is injured should not mean he should get less attention, i mean, he does not know! When I have a groom I also tend to focus on other things and the groom spend more time with the injured horses than me. And I guess thats okey! Because the horse still gets the time! But I can see how happy Picsou is that its me and him!

Look at him! I was cleaning his leather halter while he was wearing it! He stood totally still, even when I was drying it with the towel, and so happy just to interact with me!

Alf’i got a shower yesterday and a hair cut today! I like the hair cut straight off but not everyone agrees with me😂😂😍

Alf’i also got the braids! He’s happy

If was quiet quiet in the stables today even though it was a Saturday! Her is Quin! I think he looks good in this body even though he has not been ridden since May this year

I rode Teddy first, forest today also dressage for Duc! Who is doing well with his nose! Last days of antibiotics for him today Forest riding for Ice Tea too

In the evening ❤️Francois took me out on a date! Look at him 😍 I am so blessed ❤️Francoiswe both have come to like sushi very much

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