Jumping day

Day started early with picking up my new friend Adham at the airport in Geneva! He was looking for some new horses and had his eye on Ice Tea. Although Ice Tea most likely was sold he was going to try him in case he was not.

Adham got along good with Ice Tea! Ice Tea was as always a very very good boy!

Afterwords I jumped with Duc! And Duc was really on fire today! He has not really jumped since the show in Milano, and was showing off today! He is just so super!has just two gymnastic exercises and a oxer and a vertical on the diagonal, a combination and a line over 3 strides vertical! Look at him

Next was Teddy! He has improved so much with these gymnastics! He’s front leg is perfection here and also he was hitting the ground more in the push off we also tried some bigger jumps on him! He did it well but would like more power in the push off on the individual fences! what is funny with Teddy is that he jumps better in the ring at shows! It’s actually incredible! He get a couple of new extra gears that he normally does not have! anyway I’m very happy with him!!

❤️Francois and Adham

Me getting the ice for the horses and talking to Instagram

We went to holy cow and got some burgers, and afterwords I did my cardio mountain! saw some horses on my way up! So sweet, a mare and her foalon top! Such a pretty view, liked this so much! The cow on the green hill! Wanted to share it with you!

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