Weather is getting colder so more heavy rugs for the horses!

Picsou got of his Aequipment rain rug and got two walker rugs from Bucas! I like to have walker rugs on them as much as possible since they are waking back and forward the whole day

Alf’i that has less fur and are more sensitive than Picsou got a thicker Bucas smartex !

Jill got the same combo as Picsou!

and I got this new winter jacket from Miller! Haha! Went to town with my ridingbreeches, and my silver chanel boots! Matching my new silver jacket!

It’s Christmas time so that means a lot of cuddles and cozy time at home! Made this chocolate, brownie, cheesecake – cake

Going for walks with the horses! Picsou is to wild for going on handwalks with! But Alf’i is okey

Picsou how ever is the perfect horse for grooming and cuddles in the box! He’s so friendly, curious and funny

Finishing Christmas shopping!

A 360 of my outfit!

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