Montreux Christmas Marked

Haha, should I call this one visit Switzerland?

Got home from the stables and changed in to this!

Alexander McQueen dress and Chanel boot! Love the glitter and they are so comfy to walk with!

Layers on! Dior cardigan and a big scarf from LV to stay warm

Haha, but seriously! Montreux has a amazing Jazz festival in the summer! The city is filled with happy people and the atmosphere is fantastic!

In the month of December Montreux has a really nice Christmas marked! You can eat at little shops outside, or go inside a cozy restaurant they have build up just for this event!

You can also buy Christmas decoration and other stuff!

Not only that! But my newest obsession is Sushi! And my favorite is this place! Actually also in Montreux! Sushi Huit! Means Sushi 8! Sasha the girl who has InEquin gave us the tips about this place! I have to thank her because it’s soooo goood!

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