Friday and heading to CHI GENEVA

My morning started early with my cardio mountain, before I headed to the stables!

I was on a tight schedule because ❤️Francois was picking me up at 14.30 to go and see the show in Geneva!

I went for a long forest ride with Duc, and we did some hard interval training! I thought is was a good plan since he is going to have a easy weekend with just walking and paddock when I’m in Geneva! happy wine cooling rug, ice boots and hay after

Had the horses on the treadmill and groomed them

Haha! Look at Alf’i in this picture! Catching carrots

Then ❤️Francois picked me up and we headed direction Geneva but first some Mc Donald’s haha

❤️Francois has brought a packer that had arrived with DHL!

It was a delivery from my new sponsor Graziella in SanRemo


it was a beautiful sweater from Versace

Me and ❤️Francois are horseowners for Harrie Smolders this weekend! So that’s GREAT!

I was really luck to meet some of my awesome followers my outfit, courage skirt and top, Chanel bag, Christian Louboutin customer made for me shoes😍🙌 Burberry scarf

We watched the top 10 final and it was really inspiring to see all the good horses and riders!

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