Cozy breakfast with my 👑King❤️

Haha! I have a thing, I like to eat eggs with fruit and jam! And this is today’s breakfast

Followed by cardio! I really love my cardio route! Even if I’m tired! It’s like a rollercoaster, if you have stared you have to finish! And I’m on a time table, need to make it to the train down!

Stables after! Forest riding the whole day! With all of them! Started with Duc! He was FRESH! And really wanted to gallop a lot! Haha so funny! He even did a little buck!

Then Teddy! Wearing JEM ONE SEEM! Teddy was easy to ride! He does not get so excited in the forest as Duc and Ice Tea does! I can gallop fast and then slow without any questions from Teddy’s size!

Ice Tea on the other hand is all in for galloping fast, and not so much in for slowing down again😂 but he is nice to go out with! He is very brave and not afraid of anything! He never bucks or do anything crazy other than that he wants to run fast!

I have started to look forward to Christmas a lot and saw these work out leggings on Instagram! Really tempted to get a pair! But then it’s that factor shopping online and how is the material and how will it fit? Because I only see a picture of one very fit person in this pants!

I can understand that people can think that it might be risky to buy pants from Pro Horse online since you have not seen it in real life! But I guarantee that the quality is super and also, you can see it on a lot of different girls on Instagram and on the size guide on the web side PRO HORSE SIZE GUIDE

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