Dressage in the indoor

Since I was not feeling well the day before all the horses had a day off. And I had planed dressage in the indoor today!

One because they might be fresh with the colder weather and the day off, and two because it’s good to have a mirror to look into when you are riding a lot alone!

But first things first! Horses was suppose to be taken care of and go on the treadmill! Here is me and Jill! I’m wearing JEM in yellowthis horse is so cute, his name is Elliot! He ate like 5 of Teddy’s rugs last year.. we had to separate them in the end! They liked each other, no fighting, but the rug eating was to much for me😂started to make new plaits on teddy! I take out one old plait, and play two new once! So the mane will have the double of plaits when I’m done

All horses was good in the indoor today! Here’s me and teddy

Haha, I’m not sure what more to write! Cause it must be boring to read about that everyday I try to keep Teddy straight and be more active and push harder with his hind legs

Other than that I’m looking so much forward to Christmas! A lot of people ask me about Teddy’s bridle! It’s a mix of a lot of old parts!

But Equipe has a similar! At least the noseband, the browband you can get at a Norwegian shop called


2 thoughts on “Dressage in the indoor”

  1. Hi Eva,
    i just saw the pic of Jill with the strap against Crib Biting and I just wanted to say that there is made so much research on these straps and there is no evidence for that they actually help. They even make most horses more frustrated because it only takes care of the symptoms, but not the reasons for WHY they are crib biters/wind suckers.
    I know that you always think very horse friendly with all your equipment and how you treat the horses, so maybe you can think about how to make Jill stop having a need for crib biting instead of making it hard for her when she does it.
    Maybe you can optimize her horselife so she has more environmental stimuli and social contacts, and maybe she will stop then. I don’t know what possibilities you have for having horses on a field in a herd or something like that. We have all our Holsteiners on the 4 Hectar fields every day, all day long, also in winter as long as it is sunlight. We have 5 mares together and 2 geldings together with a pony mare in another field. They really NEVER have any injuries or problems, and my horses NEVER had tendon or joint problems (what many riders are very afraid of) and we never had crib biters 🙂

    I hope constructive critics is also welcome here, it is no personal offense and I hope you don’t get it wrong


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