Date night

Day started with 7k run in the neighborhood where we live! So nice to shower and change at home after my cardio!

❤️Francois had gone to town in the morning so when I was done at home we meet at the grocery store so we could take groceries together! And since ❤️Francois is so perfect he took the groceries home so I could go to the horses WHAT A BLESSING TO BE YOURS, YOU ARE PERFECT ❤️FRANCOIS! What a gentleman

Well in the stables I started with some intervals outside with Duc! Now when the ground is good I prefer to take them out as much as possible before the ground gets frozen! I’m wearing JEM L😍

On our way home the vet called and said he would come to take out the 20 stitches Duc got when another horse attacked him. He was such a good boy and did not have to get any drugs at all to get them out! He stood still and let the doctor do his job

Me and Teddy did some hard dressage and flat work over some small poles and jumps outside! Really got him to work good today and felt that this training really gave something! Felt when he got tired before he could do longer and stronger today!

Ice Tea went out also! He did the same job and was really really good today! Haha! It was dark before I was finished with him! But I did the small jumps first and then I did the dressage after, so then it was not so bad that it was a bit dark! I tried to take a selfie with him.. haha, this was the best one

Carrot eaters ❤️Francois picked me up and took me on a date to this wonderful restaurant that has a Michelin star! Such a wonderful evening with my 👑KING❤️one of the horses had shown small signs of belly pain, so we went back to the stables to check on them after dinner! luckily all was good 💖🙏

2 thoughts on “Date night”

  1. Hi again Eva, I just wanted to say that I really like how you admire and value Francois and that you actually are aware of how lucky and happy you are together with him, and that you are not afraid to show your admiration here in your blog with words and pictures. I think that is so beautiful.

    I am also living with my fiancé who is 25 years older than me, and I can see so many parallels between our relationships. I am also so grateful and happy with my BF, especially because I am 100% sure that I would never have found such a Gentleman and someone who appreciates me as much as my BF, in my own age.

    I never searched for an older man and I was also fighting it in the beginning because I thought the age difference was maybe too big, or what people would think about us. But now after 3 years of living together, I never ever noticed that there is a difference. And people have accepted it, even my most critical friends think we are a perfect match. We do everything together and I would never have found a man like him in my own age for sure.

    How was it for you to tell family and friends about Francois? Was the age difference a topic? For my mum it was no problem (my dad is dead 😦 ) and my BFs parents really love me!

    and my most important question what I always think about – do you already know when you will be married? We will be married this summer 🙂

    Greetings from Denmark, Karoline


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