Local horse shop

When I was little we did not have a horse shop in the town (Narvik) I was living in, in the North of Norway. So we had to drive one hour to get to one!

It was so exciting! Like a little family trip, me, my mom and dad and two of my friends!

Now if I shop tack or riding clothes I mostly do it at shows, if it is something that I need! And if there is something else when I’m home I often shop it online. It’s so easy! But that makes it more difficult for the local shops like my friend Gabbi’s shop Equi Chabalais to have good sales. And that’s sad, because like today I really needed show shine, so I could just drive over to her and buy it straight away. If I order it online it takes a while! And also, if you want to buy ridingclothes it’s sometimes necessary to them on. Or most online shop let you return something that does not fit, and you can also do it with Pro Horse, but still, it’s nice to try! So I think we should try to shop a little local also! So that the shops close to us have the economy to stay open

Regarding my day! Cardio! Was so warm! Felt like summer was back! Took the bus! in the stables I scrubbed Picsou’s feet with baby shampoo and a magic brushthen treadmill

Was so warm he could go without the rug!

Wanted to let Teddy stretch out in a big powerful canter in the woods today! But he felt a bit tired and heavy from yesterday so we ended up with having a calm forest ride instead! important to listen to the way your horse fell and be willing to change your plan according to the daily shape of the horse! L

On our way home, me and Teddy’s, it started to rain a lot! So Ice Tea and Duc had dressage inside. Both good! I did some poles today also with Ice Tea! Duc only normal dressage, a lot of collected canter DUC😍LOVE HIM

When I finish in the evening in the stables, I mean if I’m not finished in the afternoon but in the evening I put Ice Tea’s hay outside so he can eat it there in the fresh air.

2 thoughts on “Local horse shop”

  1. Hi Eva, long time since I commented last time, but I look here as often as I can.

    Why are so many people walking with their horses on the one picture of you in the indoor riding arena?

    What are your goals and plans with your horses for 2019?
    Kind regards from Denmark from Karoline


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