Zurich and late in the stables

So cozy to wake up at the hotel with my darling❤️

We went for a late Sunday breakfast followed by spa

After that we had lunch at the hotel and headed direction home!

On the way ❤️Francois wanted to make a stop at Pius Schwizer stables to see a friend Armin, the long time owner and partner of Pius. So we did! It was nice

Arrived quite late in the stables! They had a show for the students and parents in the indoor so I had to wait until after 20.00 to ride!

I took care of the other horses, hers Jill

And shaved/clipped Duc! he got a bran new bucas rug!

Afterwords I rode! Here Ice Tea! Dressage for him! He was a good boy! Did a lot of transitions low shape, then a lot of collected canter, and finished off with some stretching

A little bit extra pictures of him today! One of the last days before he goes to his new owner! Here he is waiting for carrots after training

Love the look on him in this picture! He’s like, when’s the carrot coming 😉😍

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