Jumping with Duc, Ice Tea and Teddy

This was the last whole day Ice Tea was home here with me!

So I took the opportunity to let him wear his show fly bonnet and show saddle pad

I think he looks beautiful! Check out the little unicorn on his ear!

I did some dressage and some small jumps with him!

Incredible to think about the progress we have made together since I got him! Made a YouTube film about it! You can see it on this link.


It was time for a lot of cuddles and carrots

Next was Duc! Had made a little gymnastic and also a little course!

He jumped amazing, and can I say #frontleggoals but he was not easy to ride today at all! He wanted to go in “roll kur” by himself, so I need to pay much more attention to keep his nose out when in ride him! I usually ride him super deep with nose down and forward, or totally head up. But I have let him go in another form when we have been riding in the forest lately! So this must AWAY NOW! Only head up in the forest from now on to at least one month!Teddy has a little photo shoot with JS HORSE MADES saddle pad and bonnet! I’m wearing Pro Horse international JEM breeches in Black! With a Armani top and. Louis Vuitton belt! Parlanti passion boots and Kep Italia helmet

I did not jump so much with Teddy today! We did the gymnastics a couple of time and this vertical! He will jump some more tomorrow

Groomed Alf’i outside today! You can tie your horse up here and bring your grooming kit! Normally the horses are here when they get new shoes, but if there is no blacksmiths here we can use the space

In the evening I went to the gym with my 👑KING❤️

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