Jumping lesson with Natale

Same today! Jogged to the stables! Hand walked the horses!

And then started to get ready for the lesson with Natale! We was going to jump today so he said yesterday that I could take my normal jumping bridle! But today he said he wanted to put the bridle on!! Grrr I hate when people touch my tack!!!! I don’t like it because I put it on in a way I think is good for the horse! I don’t want anyone to tighten my horses noseband to much or to touch it at all!!!! GRRRRRR! And today I had to take another bit on Duc also, change the position on the noseband and tighten it more than normal! My face when I heard that!

But I trust Natale and I want to learn so I did what he said. And it was not bad, Duc was more strong than usual and wanted to put his head down a little to much for my taste. The stronger you are with Duc the stronger he is in return. But being open to learn! YES! So the lesson went fine. We did some different exercises and jumped some jumps from angle and very short turns! I got a lot of pointers how to use my body and my helpers and all went fine!

Then over to Teddy! Picture taken when by my new friend Claudia who works for another rider at the stables when I’m walking Teddy off after training

The training in itself didn’t go bad, because Teddy understood all the things he had to do, and jumping from angles and stuff that he was not use to! But Natale wanted me to stop with one thing that I don’t even think about that I do. Or trainers in the past have called this one of my qualities, and it’s more my subconscious who does it. It goes automatic when i senesce it feel that it need to be done. But Natale hate “this quality” about me, and got very very angry with me and yelled at me a lot. I am sad that I could not do it better. But I’m happy that Teddy is so good! And I’m proud of him! Training is for learning and it should be room for making mistakes. I just have to be harder with myself, but even if I’m going to change trainer and do another system I still want to keep my horsemanship

Natale has left but Stefano was really kind and took me with him to eat lunch! So nice of them to always include me!

When we got back to the stables I hand walked Duc and Teddy in the beautiful facilities! And I also let them eat grass in the very nice outdoor grass ring

My hotel room

In the evening Claudia who works in another stables at the place took me with her to a shopping center! we did some shopping! And had dinner and dessert! So happy that the people here had been so kind with me

I bought a pair of Nike shoes, a top, some boots and a dress! She bought two pair of shoes, a dress and a top

3 thoughts on “Jumping lesson with Natale”

  1. Hi, thanks for being so open with your thoughts! I understand it must be very frustrating training with a new trainer, and maybe he isn’t right for you. Do you like how he trains other people and their horses? That might give you an indication to support your decision. Maybe it’s just the news that feel difficult/strange, but if you like what he produces with other riders, maybe it’s worth giving it some more time. Or not, if you find that you don’t share his methods or he doesn’t make you confident while riding. I’m sure you’ll make a good decision 🙂 A good trainer really is invaluable!


    1. What is so incredible with Natale is that he can get on any horse and make it perfect! WOW !! But for my education I am 100% sure more happy with Sylve Söderstrand! He’s way suites me more, and he has students riding Olympic Games so it can’t be compared to this. Natale is a better rider than Sylve was, I can’t say one is better than the other to teach, since it’s a personal preference! And what trainer who has the students with the best results also depends on the horses the student has, and the economy they have to go to big shows! What’s good with Natale is that he lives so close to me, but surly I don’t want to “tie” down my horse head while riding ever again! I honestly HATE draw reins, and anything similar to it !! I only use it if I have 0 control in the forest like a safety line, but I don’t think it has anything to do with schooling a horse in the correct way. This is my point of view, that said, I am not half as a good rider as Natale and he is really amazing! Maybe his way of “tying” down the head of the horse is the most wonderful way, but it’s not a option for me! Maybe this will keep me from riding at his level, maybe not? Don’t know, but I want to keep my personal horsemanship and admire him for the incredible way he does it and his horsemanship too! I of course respect him a lot and are grateful for the chance to train with him! I would love to get some advices and points from him at shows, but as my main coach I will stick with Sylve, I also “grew up” in that system so it’s the best for me and my horses! I would defiantly recommend people to try to train for him, specially boys, and also if you are a girl who has a difficult horse, he has surly a solution for everything! So much experience and riding to excellent! Also if I have problems with a horse I would surely ask him to ride the horse for me, can’t think of a better rider! I’m a little girl compare to him and I need to motivate my horses to want to work with me in a Happy way, if they get in a position that they don’t want to I really can’t force them. So I prefer not to engage in any conflicts with my horses, rather show them what I want and then reward them for doing right. Some horses might have a too strong mind for my way and then a rider like Natale who can both be sensitive and show the horse in another way what he wants is perfect!


      1. Wise reflections! I think you are quite right with the difference between different riding styles, and that they can be equally good but different styles fit different people. I like how you phrase it with so much respect for Natale while at the same time deciding it’s jot for you at the moment.

        I saw a girl riding her horses so nicely on a show a year ago, so I asked her who her trainer was. Then I saw more students of that trainer and they all rode so well! Not always winning or on the best horses, but always riding with a lot of grace and balance and happy horses. I was lucky enough to get to train with him as well, and a year of training really changed my entire way of riding and speaking with the horses. It was very hard in the beginning to let go of old habits, but I knew how wonderfully his students presents their horses so I just kept going. But then I really liked his horsemanship and training, so it was easier to let go of old way of riding.

        Good luck on the show and with your horses, your blog is so fun and inspiring to read! Usually never leaves a comment, but will try to do it more frequently 🙂


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