On our way to Truccazano

Woke up at 06.00 and jogged to the stables to take care of my two boys!

Went for a looong hand walk with them around this beautiful equestrian center! The grass ring is just perfect! And they have a lot of different water and natural jumps in there

A little from the facilities

I had out a water bucket up in Teddy’s box because the water system in his box was not good enough according to me! And I think to have a good water pressure and a good big water cup is very important so the horse easy gets enough water! If I find it not to be satisfying I put up a bucket or two buckets if it’s summer!

Jogged back to the hotel! Had breakfast, checked out of my room! A very nice man drove me and my luggage back to the Scuderia and my horse truck!

I finished packing

Took some photos together with Stefano since we both was wearing JEM and JEM L ridingbreeches!

I’m wearing JEM a Louis Vuitton scarf, Hermès belt, Ralph Lauren pullover and Nike shoes! Stefano is wearing JEM L

Loaded the horses and drove to Truccazzano

When I got there and was finished getting the boxes for the horses ready with hay and water I rode Teddy in the indoor! Very nice of them to let us ride there although they were building the jumps! Good for Teddy that never did a indoor show before to see a little! after that I galloped him a lot in the outdoor! I remember first time I was here, when it was outdoor together with The Sexy Groom, he was way to fresh in the first class so wanted to make sure he would be a good clam, relaxed boy, = A lot of galloped today

Rode Duc a little in the indoor to, mostly head up and nose out and gave him loads of carrots to be sure he was going to be on a good mood for tomorrow’s show!

When both horses was ridden I took time to make the stables nice! I didn’t put up the “prison” for Teddy this time! Because it’s other people of the opposite side of the stable passage, and they might not like it if both my horses are pushing out trough the passage!

Jogged to Mc Donald’s and brought some food back to the horsetruck! in the evening it was quite cold so when I did the night check I put on a extra rug On Duc and Teddy

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