First day at the show and only clear rounds πŸ΄β­οΈπŸ’–πŸ™

Day started early for me! I have musli to my horses, and I also feed the neighbors horses to! Then I took Duc for a walk, mucked out his box, filled water and gave him hay and repeated the same system with Teddy!

Went to eat breakfast in the truck before the first class started! 6 year old with Teddy!

He was super and we had a very good clear round!

I just had time to wash Teddy and put Ice on him before I had to make Duc ready for the GP qualifier! Had to put a fly mask on him while I was making the plaits because he hates flys and gets hysterical if only one is irritating him

Ready to go! Back with his own bridle and bitπŸ™walked him a long time before I walked the course and started to warm up! He’s so pretty

Double clear round for Duc and me in the GP qualifier! JIPPIII

Time for washing hay, carrots and ice on all 4 legs

Hand waking!

In the evening me and my German friend Rudolf went to Milano to look around and do some shopping!

Here at Dior! Very beautiful boutique

At Versace I bought a coat and a top!

My outfit! Louis Vuitton sweater, Dior sneakers,

Before we headed back to the stables we ate at a very good Italian restaurant

almost forgot to show you my new sneakers that I bough at the mall together with Claudia

Love them

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