Second day at the show

Morning feeding and walking as always

He’s so cute with this teddy head-collar!

When the horses and I had finished breakfast Teddy’s 6 year old class started!

We had a nice round with one down

Carrots for Teddy after being such a good boy!

Washing, ice on his legs and the normal routine!

Then I went out for a hour of mostly walking and also some grass eating for Duc! He has a day off from the show and from riding today

Went to buy a lick it for Teddy! I was so happy to give it to him! And he was of course very happy to get it!

The rest of the day has gone by to hand walk the horses 3 times, feeding, mucking out, filling water! started to make the truck ready to go home tomorrow also! So the things I could do today for packing and preparing the trip I have done!

In the evening me and Rudolf went to look at the big class im Vermezzo

I was wearing my beautiful new Alaïa wdress! Really proud and happy about it!

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