Trip to Equitom with Quin and Teddy

Got up early and headed down to the stables to make the two horses ready for the transport to Belgium!

Quin has a fractured foot. I started to ride him in the end of February 2018. I tried him when he was showing in Spain and I was a bit skeptical since he was jumping a lot to the left.

I would aim for the middle of the jump and he would land on the left side.. but far left.

The owner agreed that I could ride him for two years. So when he came home to us in Switzerland we did a vet check on him because I suspected he had some health issues.

He was a bit lame all over and we treated 8 joints, gave rest and started to work slowly again!

Quin was still jumping a bit to the left but my vet said he was okey to go!

He suited me perfect and we were placed in the Grand Prix of SanRemo! And since he was doing so well with me ❤️Francois wanted to do a CT scan i Belgium to find out why he was jumping still to the left!

We got sad news after the scan. He had a fracture in his left hind leg so critical that if we continued to work the foot could brake totally off.

He has been going with this for 1 to 1.5 years they could see on the pictures .

This was in the beginning of June. All the medical attention he needed to recover 100% would cost about 30 000 euro. And we had to find a solution with the owner.

And that took a long time! The vet gave us 3 choices, put him down, STRICT BOX REST, or operation.

So Quin had to stay in the box from June to December when we finally manage to find a arrangement with the owner and Quin is our horse now!

So we could proceed to do the processes needed for the healing to start!

He a appointment to be operated in Belgium at Equitom. But could not travel on the big truck since the ramp is so steep and it could be dangerous for him and the foot to go up and down.

So trailer. He seems a bit nervous to go alone on the trailer so we decided to bring Teddy also! Teddy and Quin are best friends and “live together” so with together with Ted,- Quin was calm and we cold go. Broth boys got brix in water before we left and also matching aequipment rugs

We arrived safe at the clinic I let the horses stay a little without the rugs to air the fur after the transport

Haha! My poor Dior sneakers! They got a real good scrub when in got to the hotel

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