Sexy groom cake

Haha! Was suppose to say sexy groom came to visit! But the came just autocorrected it self to a cake!

So after I had been to Equitom picking up Teddy and Quin the sexy groom Helle came to visit me and ❤️Francois of course celebrated with a BIG Norwegian waffles breakfast, and headed to the stables after

Went out for Helle’s first sushi in the evening! ❤️Francois decided to stay home because he wanted to diet a little after Christmas!

Haha! So good to be together again the 3 of us! Me and Helle planed a lot of crazy stuff to film! If you haven’t seen the film Borat, you should do it! It’s so funny! Very silly film! But you will understand a lot of our crazy humor if you see it

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