New hobby

Haha! My new thing is that I go sledding after the Gym!

It’s so good exercise! Sled down and walk as fast as I can up againand it’s so much fun so I can do it a long time without feeling that I’m just doing cardio!

And that’s good given the fact that I have gone totally bananas about these

It’s a resultant in Geneva called Black Tap! They have really good food to!

So since last I wrote here I have got to know Prince a lot! He’s such a super boy, and is developing in the right direction all the time! he’s a amazing natural jumper! Already riding outside on him! He has learned to change the gallop and is currently learning that I control the speed, that he has to trott/gallop faster or slower if I say so! 😂 sometimes it goes, sometimes not! But we keep working on it!

I have also got a new groom/friend! I call her the Top model, and here you can see why WOW WOW WOW! Great commercial for Pro Horse! Molly the top model is currently taking a education to become a equine therapist at the same time as she’s working here!

Shopping have been good, but I have mostly gone to Geneva with my ridingbreeches, since they are so fashionable! And forms my body perfect

And I have started to ride Quin again!

Picsou is at Equitom in Belgium! And is treated like a king there! Hopefully he can come back to the sport 100%

geting the LickIT in the spa! Haha! They must love him there

Alf’i is doing well also, we are starting to get in shape! Only thing is that since he had a winter brake he got to fat for his new saddle so his back in the Meyer again! I follow closely to monitor that he doesn’t get back pain again! But for now the Meyer saddle fits perfect! Meyer is good saddles, it’s just Alf’i that is extremely sensitive, and that’s actually why we bought him a Meyer in the first place, they are suppose to be the best with that!

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