Teaching Prince to jump the plastic water

The whole team got up early and headed to the stables for some course building followed by jumping

On the program- teaching Prince to jump water! We first started to lead him over, and it went super! He walked right over the first time

After world I got on, walked and trotted over, and he jumped like this!

Really super! So happy with him!

Next was Cactus! We jumped a little course, lines on 5,6 and 7 strides! We are really starting to find each other!

Yes and we also jumped a double! He really jumps super! He is very big! But light

I also did some jumps with Duc! We are going to a show next week! I jumped low with him! He feels in good shape right now, so I don’t feel the need to practice a lot of big jumps! the only thing he would need is more condition/ lung capacity! Since we have been indoor after his winter holidays we have not been able to gallop a lot in the forest. I can’t over due it ether now! So we will build that up slowly slowly!

Francois was so happy with him

After jumping me and Esther went to holy cow and got some burgers!

Followed by my cardio mountain! Haha, I was quite full after the burger, but I made it anyway!

When I came back from my cardio Ester was almost finished with the other horses, so we just did that last together and went home

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