Jumping at home

Was quite sleepy after our road trip but me and Helle got up early to do some jumping before Helle Sexy Groom was goi g home!

I trained on jumping 3 jumps on a straight line and having the horses 100% straight!

It’s not as easy as you think, because you have to focus on the right canter and rhythm, the right stride, the right position and balance and ride the horse straight! Everyone that rides dressage knows how difficult it’s to ride the horse 100% straight on the flat and it’s even more difficult to jumps!

Important to be able to do it to have a strong horse who uses his body correct!

After jumping me and Helle went to Geneva! Had some shakes at black tap and then I took her to the airport! Always hard when she goes, miss her so much every time 😍 but she’s now going to be riding for John Hickey! She will be very busy but I’m so happy for her! And Johns my best friend so I know it will be good!

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