Day off for Duc, Milano for me!

Since we qualified for the Grand Prix yesterday Duc got a day off today

Went early to walk, feed and muck out as always! Or normally I have a groom too, but I also like taking care of horses! So I enjoy it! Time spend together

Went back to the hotel, had breakfast and went to feed and walk Duc again before I went to Milano city! It was still around 10!! So I feed him again then, and walked him and planed to be back at 16.00 to feed and walk again!

Outfit: Valentino dress, Versace Coat, Fendi Boots and stockings, Birkin bag walk a lot around in Milan and had a good time! Also did some shopping! A Dolce Gabbana Bikini and a Alberta Feretti Tuesday sweater! BEEN WANTING ONE FOR YEARS!!

back to the stables for a hour long walk with Duc! And a 20 min walk with him at 19.30!

So I did not ride him at all today just hand walking 4 times! We will see the result tomorrow if it was a good plan or not

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