Cardio, dressage and hand walking

Started my day with the cardio mountain! It was nice and sunny down and up in Leysin it was a snow storm.. got quite cold but I’m happy and proud that I did it!

Went to the stables for dressage with Duc! We did a 20 min handwalk in the forest before we started in the big paddock! He was really un- concentrated in the start today, when the horse is like that it’s important that you don’t get irritated, just more concentrated! Catch the horse attention with exciting tasks/exercises and good riding

Next horse was Alf’i! He was super all the way! Totally relaxed and no spook today!

Since Prince jumped for the first time in a while yesterday I only hand walked him today! Molly and Jill tagged along too!when I got back I rode 10 min dressage on Cactus in the big paddock and went out for a quiet forest ride since he also jumped yesterday

❤️Francois picked me up in the stables, and we went to take groceries together

Followed by the gym

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