Jumping with Prince and Cactus

Made a easy course with a couple or bounces and a oxer, a line with 4 strides and a oxer and a vertical on the diagonal!

Price was first, last time I tried to jump him outside he was so un concentrated, but today he was perfect!

Price was really worn me today and i could jump the whole course in canter!! So happy and so proud of him

Cactus felt a little bit tired today and did not give a lot of air, so we did not jump a lot with him!

❤️Francois was there to train me 😍

Yesterday I baked Norwegian boller with Safran and chocolate! Ate tooo many so I had so much pain in my belly when it was time to ride Duc!

But the work I do today will be a factor on how it goes on the next show! So I braved the pain and had a really good dressage pass today with him! Loads of canter and big focus on the quality! He worked so good! Happy Juliette,- one of the girls that works in the stables was taking one of the stables horses to a show! She had some problems with the plaits so me and the Top Model stepped in

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