Early early

Molly was going home to her horse massage education and I was going to drive her to the train, so was really early up! Also have to give her a big cred that she was up crazy early and had Alf’i on the treadmill before I picked her up! Wow! Very nice! I like to sleep in when it’s a Sunday, but it was also good to get my cardio mountain done! Walked from 07.30 and took the train down at 09.00! Headed directly to Starbucks after

Then to the horses, walking with Quin and Teddy! And brushing them, Quin lost so much hair I never seen a horse loosing so much at one time. Haha! He enjoyed it!

Duc got a new bridle today, I actually bought it for Prince! But it doesn’t have that 🤔”chocker strap” that you can tie up the rains with if you want to longe the horse, and since Prince is a young horse and sometimes need to be longed before riding.- he got to take over one of Duc/Picsou bridles ( I have two flat work brides for them, they fit the same size) so Prince got one and Duc/Picsou got this!

Went hand walking with him 30 min before I had a really good dressage training! Me and Duc was really concentrated with all small details, if we missed a corner turn, that we didn’t do it perfect we went back and did it again! Really happy with today’s training

It was really warm so I had to drop my sweater and ride in my super underwear! Someone else that thought it was warm was Prince, he was so relaxed today, also felt tired, maybe it was the 20 degrees that came just like that, or that he is mentally and physically tired from training

Alf’i too, it almost that I think he changed his personality, hahaha, no spook today also🤔😅

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