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Meet them!! Many of you probably knows that Duc has a mascot called The Kanouk! It is a little horse given to me by my dear cousin Ann-Christine Kuntze, it looks like Kanouk! Duc got it as a inspiration to start to cooperate more like Kanouk did with me! And yeah, it worked 😉

Alf has the teddy bear Alf the was on the tv show from the 80’s

And Ice Tea has all these little unicorns to be inspired to be light and fly like a unicorn around the course! 

And here are the 3 😍🐴⭐💖 and the super Skin🙋💖⭐

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The HORSE SHOPS(stands) here

There are some stands here selling horse equipment, and here are some pictures from them!

First out is Alberto and his horse shop Carma! I know him and Riki from a lot of other shows here are some of the products he has 

It is also a Galante shop here, they sell only Galante 

And this shop  here are the products they have 

And the “bit truck” from Lieven Hendrickx is here! Trust equestrian I have long been thinking about getting these cozy head colors for my chestnuts and Calla, but then again, in the truck they eat the soup and get dirty, and on the shows it is almost to warm to lead them around with these (I tend to go to shows where it is warm) so I didn’t buy it! But I really admire them! So beautyful and fluffy

These girts are so popular now  loads of bits, but normally it is actually 3 times this much  and some other things 

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Early morning

Woke up 05.15 today to help Skin in the stable! At 09.00 I am flying home to be with Francois!

Skin walked Duc, while I mucked out the boxes, the musli and the hay! 

When I was finished with that, Skin and Duc came back inside and I took Alf, Skin took Ice and we walked them for 15 min together!

When I went to change my clothes Skin took one rug of the horses, fixed water and put out lunc food for the horses outside their boxes! She will not be home for lunch cause her, Tina and Magne are going to the roller coaster’s, so my BFF Hannah will feed them!

I actually took a pic from Tina’s Facebook, here the gang are having fun! 

I’m at The AirPort waiting for my flight 

As usual on Starbucks! What’s different from Switzerland is that they have a Juice machine! 

This is my breakfast! What is also different from any airport I have been to when it regards eating, is the big selection of milkshakes, frappe, smoothies and Ice Cream 

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The afternoon and the evening

We spend the afternoon fixing for the horses and watching the show! Weather is so good ☀️

I also bought spurs reins, Kevin Bacon hoof fat, and some fly protection for the nose, + a loose lower nose band 

Horses got new shavings, and look how happy it makes Duc💖 

Skin takes really good care!  In the evening we give the horses hay, as much as they can eat and more, + this mix! It is 3 hay brix in water with salt and musli in! Same as we use when we drive! My friend Janne Lindanger came up with the idea to put the hay Brix in water so they swell up and absorbe the water! To get some extra fluid in the horses! 

Skin will give them this later when she does night check and put a extra cover on! In the day they are standing with these rugs on, and on the wall in the background you can see the night rugs they get over when the temperature goes down the night rugs are these, bucas net cooler! A little thicker over the back! We put them over the day rugs 

Anyway, we went out to get some water (for us) at the only grocery store that was open today since it is Sunday! We saw all these easter chocolates, I had almost forgotten that it has been Easter! 

Then we went to our new favorite restaurant, it’s like heaven for me because I love all kinds of tacos! Me, Skin and Tina

Tina and Magne I mean, check out the Meny  I even put a napkin on like this so I would spill on my dress 😂 From me to you (a bit late 😂) HAPPY EASTER 

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Water jumping 

When the classes were finished on the biggest sand ring, they opened it up for clear round!

We did not do clear round or course jumping there, but we walked up there with Alf to jump the water! I think it is important to train on that so the horse does not have a shock in a show when it’s suddenly there!

Skin leased him over first! And it went super

After that me and Alf rode over in walk together! That went super to

Since that went well we trotted over like this, with the white half on 

And Jump, first like this without poles like this 

With poles, all super 

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😃Clear rounds and price 🏆🏆 for Alf and Duc 

Today the classes started earlier! Alf was NR 1 in the 130 that started at 09.00, and Duc NR 39! Both of them was clear and I had a good feeling!

But I started the day by getting dressed and having a protein bar for breakfast. Spilling loads of chocolate on my white pants and shirt  I think it was because the chocolate protein bar was a little frozen so when I eat it, it fell little bites from it and melted on my clothes! All changed again and ready to go 

In the morning it was a little cold so I used my Cavalleria Toscana show jacket, it as almost all show jackets now are in some neoprene fabric and quite warm! Toilet selfie😂 By the time it was Duc’s turn to jump it had become warm, and then I prefer my JvanD jacket, it is made in cotton or wool, not sure, but it is lighter and not so warm

Duc and me after jumping a clear😃

Here me and Skin are in action! I am saddening Duc, and Skin is taking care of Alf after jumping

More pictures from the day

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Who to blame and what to change when it does not go good?

So today was not the best day for me, Ice and Duc!

I am not a person who explains what happened or not to others, there’s a saying:

Don’t explanin and don’t complain

I always do my best to have the best chances to do as good as I can in the class I’m riding! It does not have to be about winning, it can also be to get the right rhythm and keeping the horse stright, or to improve something special in the riding like giving more hands, or being able to take some short turns in the rythm and having good dictanses! The most important is to compete against yourself, your opponents will make the results anyway!

The worst part for me is how disappointed Francois gets when I don’t do well. Then he has forgotten all the times I have done very good! And to disappoint the one I love is sad! I tell you guys about this because I am sure many people have people in their life’s that get disappointed or even angry if the clear rounds are not there! But I am very grateful that I have a Francois to disappoint, because his disappointment is a sign that he cares! And I know he will be back being the wind in my back and encourage me later ⭐ he is my STAR and MY HEARY❤

If somebody  is disappointed in you that person has to deal with it them self , you and me have to focus on doing our best together with our horse the next day! But of course it is very hard when we see that my riding makes someone we love sad! Al though it is hard we must focus on the love for the horse and find 4 positive things about today, and put all the focus on what good to do ! Never be angry with the horse! They always do their best, and it can be reasons they are not feeling well that we don’t know!

I am a human, and a horse is animal! No matter how good horse you have, or how good you are yourself, the combination human-horse is not the same as a human-car situation and a lot of factors must match to make good! And if it does not, it is really not about blaming anyone, it is about focusing on what to do the next day!

If you rode to slow, don’t think about riding to slow, think about GALLOPING MORE FORWARD!

And if you rode like you usually ride, and it still did not go as you hoped, you don’t have to start changing your riding. If you change your riding every time you have a pole down you will only confuse yourself and the horse!

Try to ride the same every time, and if you can do that, the horse will recognize the situation and be able to correct himself! They need the opportunity to help out also!

Some examples, me and Ice Tea are a work in progress, I know what is the goal, how i should ride and how he should react to my riding! Even if you have a step backwards you should still keep working in your system towards your goal!

Me and Duc alredy know each other in and out, I ride him like I always do and he is always positive to jump! As any couple we have our ups and downs, but that is how this sport is. I just have to always try to be better than yesterday, but also riding then same, and then Duc will jump top like he can!

Many people panick over a bad result, want to put hind boots, sharper bits, do this do that. But if it normally works, don’t panick over a less good round, go to your good feeling place and try to ride exactly the same as when it goes good!

Me and Duc have been clear 155, but that does not mean we will be clear in all lower and as high classes in the future. And if we are not clear I have done something very wrong or bad. Even the top riders of the world with top horses like Luciana Diniz and Lenox, they are most of the time in top shape, but if they are not she still believes in him! (I saw it on her YouTube channel) So keep believing in you and your horse

BE POSITIVE AND ONLY TALK ABOUT HOW YOU SHOULD RIDE! If you talk about what you do wrong you have 80% chance to repeat your mistakes instead of doing what you should have done instead!

My mothers always says in Norwegian

Tap og vinn med samme sin!

Winn and loose with the same attitude

Although it was not our day today, I’m fishing out a carrot and give it to Duc anyway 

In the evening Hannah and Skin came to visit in the truck!

Afterwords me and Hannah went to walk the course for tomorrow  and Hannah took this Instagram my story of me! Without me knowing, saw it there later and screenshoted it 😂

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Alf and me clear 130

Started with jumping 130 with Alf at 14.00, clear and placed as 11 😃🎂🏆 JIPPII

After that we went quick back to the stable and I plated Duc and Ice Tea! Their class started 15.45 and I was NR 6 with Ice and 38 with Duc!

Me and Skin made the both horses ready and tied up Duc in the box! My friend Tina picked him up and brought him up to us! Skin and me focused on Ice, and when he had jumped Skin brought him back to the stable and took care of him! While Tina helped me with Duc!

Magne, Tina’s boyfriend is the top Fotograf! THANK YOU! He got these of Ice

When it is warm outside make sure both you and your horse have gotten enough water! If you are thirsty you loose 40% of your concentration, so it is smart to drink something before you go in the ring! And always make sure your horse has enough water in his box, and take notes to make sure he drinks enough

Me drinking and Tina putting on hindboots

Since I had been walking in the sand between Ice and Duc Tina even brushed the sand of under my shoes, so we were sure my boots would not slip in the stirrups! Always thinking about the details to succeed!

Very important is a good warm up

I don’t like to jump to much or to high in the warm up! I’m in the warm up for warming up, not for testing the scoop of the horse! Also before I start to jump, I try my best to get the horses as relaxed and active as possible

Both Ice Tea and Duc jumped 140 today

Me and Duc 

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Good morning 

This is me today before start! So proud of this top with the storks or is it a flamingo? 😂 anyway, so cool!

After eating breakfast I went to do some dressage/flat work on Alf! My goal was to relax him and make him loose in his body before the class later! I rode him in the flat work area next to the stable, he has not been in this arena before so I excpected he would be a bit tense. But not at all! He was perfectly realexed 

Many people ride there horses in the morning always just because. But if are at a show and are riding your horse in the morning before the class you should have a goal for the training. A purpose. If you don’t have that, it is no point of doing it! Like Picsou, he thinks running around in a sandbox doing stretching and dressage is boooooring, so it makes him less motivated. That is why I only do morning riding the day of the Grand Prix! I can ride Ice Tea in the morning to try to improve our communication and make him wait for me! Duc also, since I jump him in a twisted snaffle or a gag I morning ride him in a snaffle, make him loose and make him wait. But at this show Ice Tea and Duc has lost so much weight, they get as much hay that they want, and I bought extra protein musli for them! Waiting the result from a blood test to see if there is another reason than that the stable at home have change the food that they have lost the weight! All the other horses in the stable at home look top, so it is important to check! Anyway, my point is, if the horse already is thin, maybe not work him more thannecessary, and that is why no morning riding for Ice and Duc! It might effect the result of the class, but it is the right thing to do when it comes to horsemanship.

After riding Alf skin put the studs in Ice Tea and Duc, they are going to jump on the grass today and it will be a bit hectic later! 

Check out the face of Duc when he sees me 😍 

And Ice so adorable with the PONY on his head 

This is Chodec, one of my best friends Hannah’s horses! I think he might be bigger than my two giraffe girls 

And a question for you guys, what sun glasses are the coolest? The one on the left or the one on the right? 

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Pepsi Max on sale and more jumping pictures

Here are some more pictures from the day jumping


Ice Tea

Carrots for Ice 


I helped Skin in the stable and after we went out with Tina and “Sterke mannen”, means strong man, his real name is Magne! -to get some sunglasses for Skin and some clothes for Tina and Magne!

Truck selfie and outfit of the night, layback elegant but spotty 😉

Here are the 3 people I am hanging out with, can you guess who the man Magne belongs to? 

I actually got these Dior So real with mirror glasses and Diamond finish, other me or Francois, one of us almost always forgets the sun glasses, and this pair we can both share 

Skin got two really nice dresses! Pretty girl 🎀💁 here is one

Tina bought two really nice jeans at Breahska and I got a top also! They have loads of nice things there! Loads of sale, I paid 9 euros for my top, and the jeans costed 19 euros and was really cool! Here she is wearing her new jeans  I’m not one of those girls who has a really big closet filled with A LOT of clothes, I have less clothes then most girls but I have very good quality clothes. It is almost the same, if I would buy a lot of clothes that does not cost so much, you have soon spend the same amount that you would on a expensive pice of clothing! But that is a choice eveybody is free to make! Of course you can also buy loads of expensive clothes and loads of cheaper once also. Eveybody does what’s right for them! Anyway, I thought this breskha top would make a whole new outfit together with one of my skirts I have at home! Everything is fine, to mix high end brand with less expensive brands can be a good idea to get more choice of what to wear💁 and yes, got a bikini it was 10 euro and also on 20% 

The big fashion brands inspires the other brands, like Swedish Gina Tricot made this bag for there equestrian collection, it looks like they were inspired by Gucci! Especially since the red and green like this is totally Gucci! Does not matter how they got the idea, the bag looks beautiful according to me 


Back to today! -We were just going to the groceries store at the mall to get fill the supplies of carrots, when I discovered by coincidence that they had a big sale of Pepsi Max!!

Hahahaha!! Tina send me this picture of me and Skin, Magne in the back ground, so cool I bought loads of Donuts for Skin so she can have in the stable! I think it is important when you have a groom to make sure they don’t get low blood sugar if it becomes hectical during the day, and they don’t have time to eat real food! At least they can grab some drinks and snacks from the tack box! 

With the Pepsi Max well placed in the car, we got dinner! 

All thought I got loads of friends here I can’t wait to get home to Francois❤